Best British schools

Every year thousands of students enroll in elite private schools in England and top boarding schools in the UK for a quality, prestigious education, opening the door to the best universities around the world. Do not deny your child this opportunity, give him the future! Among the key advantages of studying in private boarding schools in England are:

  • Profound, in-depth English language learning

  • Excellent academic preparation

  • Excellent facilities of boarding schools

  • Cozy, beautiful, comfortable campuses, excellent accommodation and services

  • Centuries-old traditions combined with modern, innovative educational methods and techniques

  • Secondary education in the UK is one of the most popular fields of study

Studying in England - Private Schools as a Start for a Successful Future

Education in the UK has been a dream and a goal for many years for students from all over the world. For children and teenagers studying in the UK is a real stepping stone to a high quality, prestigious, in-demand education, and an opportunity to build a successful career in today's international community. Education in England has a long and proud history: many leading British private schools and top British high schools have been in operation for centuries, and studying here engages students in ancient and at the same time modern, practice-oriented methods, curricula, and traditions. For parents all over the world the decision to send their child to study in Great Britain is an important and responsible step. It is not easy at all to choose a good school: boarding schools and residential schools, so popular with foreigners abroad, are presented in great abundance - so how to choose the best one? Just contact us! Our experts have a wealth of experience, have themselves studied in England and other countries abroad (for example, in countries such as the U.S., Switzerland and Europe), so they can offer really great, suitable for you options.

The best private schools in England - boarding and day schools

For your convenience, we have compiled a detailed list of English private schools that includes the most prestigious and advanced options. Our list includes different types of schools and types of education: there are institutions for girls and for boys, boarding schools, boarding schools in the countryside and in major cities - academic and university centers: London, Oxford, Cambridge, York, Bath, Brighton. Choosing the best private boarding school for your child can be quite a challenge. We will offer you the most current ranking of educational institutions: usually parents want their child to study at a school from the top 30, but we will convince you that institutions from the top 100 also provide quality educational programs and a high level of service (most often these are closed schools in England, individual boarding schools, resembling entire campuses). We will give you a detailed description of each school, reviews of schools by foreign students, tell you where you can enter after the 8th or 9th grade, after 10th or 11th grade and help you choose an academic program. Our experts are ready to provide you with samples and examples of entrance tests so your child will be as prepared as possible for the admission committee and adequately assess their level of knowledge.

The enrollment procedure

"How to enroll" is a separate and complicated question for every child and parent. We provide all the necessary assistance, in fact, taking over the enrollment: we clarify the availability of seats, admission requirements, deadlines for submitting documents. If you need to prepare for private schools in England, we will find suitable courses for you: in many British educational institutions you can go to study for a month to quickly and effectively improve the language and academic level and adapt to the new environment. If your child is gifted in a particular area, we can find you drama, law or art boarding schools. For applicants who are preparing for British universities, our specialists will find specialized courses and private schools with an art, business or economic, medical or scientific bias. Maybe you are planning to study design? The right program will be chosen for you too.

How much does it cost to study in the UK for foreigners? The cost of education in British private schools.

Yes, education in the UK traditionally has a high cost: it is quite justified investment in your child's future, his profession and specialization. The cost varies:

  • From 10,000 pounds for a year to 20,000 pounds for full-time education (without accommodation)

  • From £28000 to £48000 for full board (with tuition and accommodation + meals).

  • The price depends on many factors, including the rating of the school, location, level of competition, history, level of equipment and facilities of the school, the living conditions on the board, etc.

Our experts are ready to choose for you the best educational institution, the tuition fee in which will be acceptable to you, and the quality of education is expected high.

  •  Do you think that enrollment in an English private school is impossible? We will convince you otherwise.

  •  Are you sure that studying in the UK is prohibitively expensive? We will choose for you the best value for money schools.

  •  You don't know what documents to collect and where to send them? We will take care of the whole process of registration and enrollment, freeing up your time.

  •  Not sure if your child can handle the English curriculum? We will test and accurately, objectively determine his level of English and knowledge.

Education in England is closer than you think! Contact us and give your child a dream: confidence in their future, a successful career, an interesting job - all this is possible with an English education and Britschools!

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