School trips to summer camps in UK

School trips to summer camps in UK

For many advanced English-speaking children living outside the UK, a new stage of immersion in English culture and language is a trip to a summer camp, where local children, that is, native Englishmen, go. This can be especially useful for those who plan to start studying at an English boarding school in the foreseeable future. Visiting a language camp or English language courses is certainly a useful and exciting event, but after two or three vacations spent in it, active and talented children are acutely demanding new adventures for themselves!

Active recreation on the lake shore, teen novels, fun gatherings around the campfire... Almost every one of us has a similar idea about summer camps for children and youth based on books and films. But the traditions of summer camps for the youngest in England are not inferior to university or school ones. Unstable English weather, rather short school holidays and long parental leave-all this contributed to the reluctance of adults to send their child on vacation without accompanying parents or relatives.

But everything is changing, and England is no exception - today the field of summer holidays for children is actively developing. The best camps fill up quickly, applications must be submitted long before the start of the season.

List of the most wonderful summer camps

We present a list of the most wonderful summer camps that are in demand among the British and have earned a good reputation.


Camp Kernow

Camp Kernow Park Farm, Truro

This is the only British summer camp of its kind that does not use electricity obtained in the classical way. On the territory of the camp, solar energy and biomass energy are used, children live in tents, yurts and wigwams, learn to independently extract and cook food. The camp is spread out on 280 acres of the most beautiful forests of Cornwall. Classes are surprisingly diverse: from learning rock climbing techniques to kayaking, orienteering, walking to bat habitats,kayaking and archery. There is an opportunity to try traditional crafts - wood processing and forging from a local blacksmith. The gathering of young vacationers usually takes place in London, but many parents personally take their children to the camp, and then go to the eco-camp for adults - the luxury Scarlet Hotel on the Atlantic coast.

Suitable for children from 7 to 15 years old; 5-day stay - 420 pounds or 6-day camp - 510 pounds. 2. PGL

Surrey Marchants Hill Tilford Road, Hindhead.

PGL is an abbreviation of the English phrase "parents are lost". One of the most popular classic multidisciplinary camps for a week. Here, a young person will feel all the charm of life outside the framework of his parents ' home: an exciting combination of dancing, photography, sports, quad biking and much more. Twelve centers in the UK, including Marchants Hill in Surrey. There are programs for three, four and seven nights. Suitable for children from 7 to 17 years old; 7 nights from £ 469. 3. The Outward Bound Trust of Aberdovie Gwynedd, Surrey. It is aimed at travel lovers. The places chosen for adventure travel are so beautiful that they will cause envy even among parents. The rest can be safely called truly adventurous. Weekly hikes in picturesque places and 19-day hikes on the most interesting routes are possible.

Suitable for children from 11 to 19 years old (depending on the age, hiking of different intensity); Prices range from 549 pounds for a week in the camp to 1699 pounds for a 19-day trip.



St Johns School Epsom Rd, Leatherhead.

Thanks to the hours allocated for training as part of the entertainment program, young fans of technological progress can gain knowledge about programming in Python and Java, robotics, digital photography, virtual reality, video game design and much more. At the Fire Tech courses, the emphasis is on making children take the first steps from technology consumers to their creators. Students draw information from experienced teachers from leading universities in the UK, including Cambridge and Imperial College. This type of recreation is available at the day camp at St. John's School in Leatherhead, as well as at the camps with accommodation at Wycombe Abbey, Ardingly College and Lansing College.

Day camps accept children from 9 to 17 years old, camps with accommodation-from 12 to 17 years old; prices from 300 to 1300 pounds.


Camp Wilderness

Hatfield Woods Mangrove Lane, Hertford.

It is aimed at fans of tent cities. Safari-style tent cities, where the only source of lighting and heating is a homemade bonfire. And the opportunity to have a roof over your head in the forest is directly related to the construction of a hut. Plus barbecue on an open fire, rafting on rivers, garbage collection in the forest for cleaning, cricket games - these are just some of the activities that are held as part of a two -, three - or five-day camp. There are also tent camps near Oxfordshire, Hertfordshire and Kent. Suitable for children from 7 to 15 years old; 3 days - 249 pounds; 5 days - 415 pounds.



Abberley Hall School, Worcester.

Perfect for thrill seekers. The camp has been in existence for 20 years and today it is visited by more than 170 guests a week. XUK is based in a multidisciplinary center at New Eccles Hall School in Norfolk. Activities held here include scuba diving and quad biking, trips to theme parks and musicals in London. There is even a car driving training! This camp is popular among foreign children. This year, XUK is opening a specialized camp in Wales with courses in art, sports, water and forest adventures, photography and cinema. Age from 6 to 17 years, the cost is 650 pounds per week.


Camp Cooper

Ardwreck School, Crieff, Glasgow.

Suitable for those who want to plunge into the atmosphere of a traditional American camp. The founders of Camp Cooper spent 10 years in a summer camp in Massachusetts as a child and youth, and now they have transferred all the traditional elements of the United States to Scotland: songs in the dining room, evening gatherings around campfires with intimate conversations, etc. chants, competitions in military affairs, the construction of huts and shelters from the weather. And the main goal of all these events is to establish friendly relations between children and acquire basic life skills. Most choose a two-week accommodation option. Placing 8-10 children of the same age and gender in rooms also contributes to the establishment of a friendly atmosphere and strong ties in the future. Various leisure activities are available on the territory - sports games and outdoor competitions, art, music, mountain biking, tennis, film production, journalism, dancing, a drama club, as well as many evening special events. Suitable for children from 7 to 17 years old; cost 750 pounds per week; the camp is open from July 1 to August 24.


Wickedly Wonderful

West Wittering, West Wittering.

It is aimed at beach lovers. A tent camp on the shore is the dream of any active child. Here the camper is waiting for all kinds of sea sports, pony riding, crab hunting, building sand castles and much more. The camp is distinguished by very tasty lunches and dinners in the fresh sea air. And, what is important for adherents of a healthy diet, in addition to fried marshmallows (where and without it) and bananas in chocolate, any other sweets are prohibited by the campfire. Carbonated drinks and smartphones are also declared persona non grata in the camp. Groups are formed of 12 people, taking into account the age and previously established friendly relations. Every week, only 30-50 people rest in the camp. Suitable for children from 6 to 13 years old; 545 pounds for 4 nights (Monday to Friday).


Cambridge School of Visual and Performing Arts Kett House Station Road, Cambridge

For children interested in art. The Cambridge School of Visual and Performing Arts (CSVPA) is known worldwide for its courses in various fields of art. At their base, they offer educational summer camps with an emphasis on drawing, filmmaking, fashion, theater or music. The summer course of theatrical and musical art is particularly popular. The courses

include about 35 hours of classes with professionals, as well as additional evening excursions and activities. Suitable for teenagers from 15 to 18 years old; prices start from 1175 pounds per week.


Wellington Riding School

Wellington Riding School, Heckfield

For children who are fond of equestrian sports. Is your child crazy about horses? In this case, the Wellington Riding School will be an ideal option for a summer holiday. Each child is provided with their own horse for a five-day stay. At the end of the week, competitions are held for all children of the race, including warm-up and performance, departure to musical accompaniment, show jumping, cross-country (depending on weather conditions) and competitions. In the evening, trips to the cinema, karaoke and board games are organized. Designed for children from 7 to 16 years old; £ 925 (7-12 years old), £ 980 (13-16 years old); The cost of additional days and weekends is discussed additionally.


Center Stage Hopefield Avenue, Belfast.

For fans of theatrical art. This Irish drama school has been hosting aspiring theater fans for more than thirty years in the stunning setting of Glens Antrim. The beautiful old Kilmore House is a base for a week-long holiday with an active course of musical theater, poetry, pantomime, film production, improvisation, singing and dancing. All the teachers are show business professionals. Rehearsals for the last Saturday show often last until late at night. The camp is located a few kilometers from the nearest village, there is no TV, Wi-Fi, mobile phones and tablets on the territory. The school meets the children at the Belfast airport, and on the way to the camp base there is a tour of the filming locations of the epoch-making "Game of Thrones". Suitable for children from 8 to 18 years old, the cost is 525 pounds per week.


Explore and experience Newton-Le-Willows Aysgarth School, Bedale.

Ideal for active children. The Learn and Experience Summer Camp offers a huge variety of activities - exciting water fighting championships, campfire nights, detective investigations of mysterious murders and stunning themed evenings. And all this against the backdrop of the magnificent Yorkshire countryside. This camp is often chosen by foreign children for recreation during the summer holidays. Therefore, English children have a great chance to make friends from different countries and join the culture and traditions of other countries. Suitable for children from 8 to 14 years old; costs 595 pounds per week.


Uppingham Summer School. Uppingham High Street School, Uppingham

is suitable for sports enthusiasts. This camp has classes in both music and creativity, but it is the sports direction that has become the most popular among children planning to start a sports career in England. Exciting group games and sports competitions are held in order to develop imagination, ingenuity, the ability to quickly make the right decisions and stimulate the acquisition of skills in a particular sport. On the territory there is an opportunity for football, field hockey, netball, athletics and many others. It is aimed at children aged 6-8 years; 460 pounds per week (with accommodation) 240 pounds (without accommodation).


The mill on the Brue Trendle Farm Tower Hill, Bruton

is suitable for those who want to acquire and develop life skills. Here, the main emphasis is on forming a team and solving problems in the group. Children learn to work in a cohesive team, find a common language, listen to the opinion of their peers, and also defend their own position. For example, they discuss such issues as building a raft, or solving a multi-stage logic puzzle. Arrivals vary from one to four weeks. Suitable for children from 8 to 15 years old; costs 599 pounds per week.


Shoreham's first-hand experience.

For children interested in agriculture and growing plants. Unity with nature here occurs through taking care of the land, growing agricultural products, and in the future harvesting and cooking

healthy dishes from the fruits of joint labor. Children learn to appreciate nature and the earth, take care of it, take care of it and thank us for the benefits that it gives us. One of the main goals of such a holiday is to explain to children that environmentally friendly food products can be grown with their own hands with health benefits and be proud of the result. Cooking crumbly sweet potatoes over a fire, creating a fragrant pesto sauce with your own hands-all this happens after active work in the garden. The camp is based on the territory of the popular residential complex Quadrangle Trust in Shoreham. The stay time is from two to seven nights. Suitable for children from 7 to 14 years old; costs 549 pounds for 6 nights.

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