Secondary education in 10 best secondary schools

Secondary education in 10 best secondary schools

Education received in the UK has long been considered exemplary, both academically and educationally. This is not surprising, because the British system has been formed over the years, relying on the best traditions of classical education. Today, it harmoniously combines the valuable experience of the past, modern technology and new teaching methods that allow you to keep up with the times.

This is why the equipment of leading British private schools or language schools and the curriculum quite often turns out to be no worse than at universities. In addition, in modern private schools in England, the emphasis on strictness and obedience of students is no longer as strong as it used to be. Much more attention is now paid to supporting students and creating a comfortable atmosphere for them. Currently, the educational program of English boarding schools is designed to educate in schoolchildren and adolescents a personality who will be comprehensively developed, and also has all the qualities necessary for adulthood.

In total, there are about 2 thousand private schools in Britain, and every fourth of them is a boarding school. Every year, based on the results of final exams (GCSE or A-level) of students of each educational institution, a national rating of schools leading in the academic aspect and not only is compiled. The success of graduates is taken into account both among private secondary schools with full-time education and in educational institutions with boarding schools.

Top 10 secondary schools in UK:

  1. Sixth Grade Cardiff College is located in the capital of Wales, Cardiff, within walking distance of the city center. The major airports of Cardiff and Bristol can be reached in 30-40 minutes, there are also trains to London airports (about 200 kilometers to central London, travel time is about 2 hours), you can take a taxi.

  2. The Perse School is considered one of the oldest schools in the world. It was founded according to the project and funds of the English scientist and philanthropist Stephen Percy (1548-1615), whose name was immortalized in the name of the school. The school's motto is: "Whoever does for others, does for himself." Fully coeducational school was only introduced in 2012. The school has unique teaching methods designed in accordance with the spirit and principles of the school. Every day, the school's specialists carry out painstaking work to educate talented boys and girls who know how to take responsibility for their lives and help others.

  3. Westminster School offers classic educational programs within the British system. One of the oldest schools in Great Britain, founded by the Benedictines in 1179, accepts boys and girls from all over the world. More than 30 nationalities receive their secondary education at Westminster School.

  4. The private day school King's College School Wimbledon is located in a calm and respectable area of London and is designed for blended education of children from all over the world aged 7 to 18 years old (the main program - 7-18 years old - is offered for boys, girls can study on Sixth Form courses from 16 to 18 years old). The educational institution was founded in 1829: the institution moved to its current location in 1897, and today it occupies a large old mansion (the date of construction dates back to the 18th century) surrounded by green parks, gardens and lawns.

  5. International Concord College, located near Shrewsbury, in the northwest of England, is a 20 hectare campus. The territory of the educational institution includes residential, educational buildings, a sports complex, a library, and its own excursion facility. Not far from the college are the ruins of an old English castle.

  6. The Haberdashers' Aske's Boys' School - is located in the village of Elstree, (about 5000 inhabitants), Hertfordshire county - actually in the suburbs of London. The school for talented boys was founded in the 17th century with funds from the entrepreneur Robert Asuka. The first buildings were opened in 1690.

  7. The independent private boarding school King Edward's School Witley is located in the small village of Whitney (Surrey, almost on the border with Sussex, southeastern England) and accepts boys and girls from 11 to 18 years old, including foreign students. ... The road to London will take approximately 1 hour; here both daytime form and full boarding (with accommodation) are accepted.

  8. Magdalene College is the seventh oldest college at the world famous University of Cambridge. The educational institution has been operating since 1428. Magdalene College is located in the center of the university city. It is part of "the backs", the five most famous colleges on the banks of the Kama.

  9. Located in the south-east of London, the private school Alleyn's School (School Alleyn's School London) is deservedly considered one of the best in the capital and throughout the UK as a whole. Its founder in 1619 was Edward Alleyn, who first named it Alleyn's College of God’s Gift, as well as the charitable foundation of the same name for 12 gifted but poor students.

  10. Haberdashers' Monmouth School for girls is a private, girls-only boarding school founded in 1892. The institution is located in the small, charming and ancient city of Monmouth, in its very center: due to the incredibly picturesque nature around the region, the region is often called the "Area of Great Natural Beauty". Monmouth is a very safe, well-groomed and quiet city: despite the fact that its population is only about 10,000 people, it is recognized as the third highest standard of living throughout the UK.

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