Study bachelor in UK: 20 best universities to consider

Study bachelor in UK: 20 best universities to consider

A bachelor's degree in the UK is one of the most popular areas of study in the world. In 2019, there were almost 500,000 international students studying at British universities. Education in the UK combines a high academic level and the requirements of the market. Thanks to this, studying at English universities is becoming especially popular.

The specifics of the bachelor's degree in the UK

Bachelor's degree in English universities lasts mainly 3 years, with the exception of programs in medicine and architecture. Upon graduation, students receive a bachelor's degree-bachelor's degree.

In the UK, there are educational programs that combine two stages of university education: bachelor's and master's degree. These are called integrated master's degrees. Training on them lasts 4-5 years. Upon graduation, students submit a research project, and if it is successfully defended, they receive a master's degree. Combined programs are especially common in the natural science and technical faculties. For example, at Bournemouth University, you can get a degree in mechanical engineering in this way.

The CATS credit system is used in the UK to measure the number of hours spent by a student on training. One CATS block is equal to 10 hours of classes. For completing each course, a student is assigned a certain number of credits. During the year of study, a student must gain 120 credits, and for a bachelor's degree - 360. In English universities, loans are not equal to European ones: 1 ECTS is equal to 2 CATS.

List of universities and the cost of bachelor's degree programs in the UK

  1. Cambridge University Cambridge 24,831 USD

  2.  Oxford University Oxford 20,676 USD

  3.  University College London London 25,237 USD

  4.  Imperial College London London 33,465 USD

  5.  Edinburgh University Edinburgh 20,801 USD

  6.  Manchester University Manchester 26,247 USD

  7.  King's College London London 19,948 USD

  8.  Bristol University Bristol 20,735 USD

  9.  London School of Economics and Political Science London 22,310 USD

  10.  University of Warwick Coventry 26,483 USD

  11.  University of Glasgow United Kingdom Glasgow 18,635 USD 20,013 USD

  12. University of Nottingham United Kingdom Nottingham 26,339 USD 17,717 USD

  13. University of Birmingham United Kingdom Birmingham 19,095 USD 19,095 USD

  14. Sheffield University United Kingdom Sheffield 23,130 USD 23,130 USD

  15. Southampton University United Kingdom Southampton 21,069 USD 24,344 USD

  16. University of Leeds United Kingdom Leeds 20,341 USD 20,670 USD

  17. University of Liverpool United Kingdom Liverpool 15,567 USD 16,011 USD

  18. Queen Mary University of London United Kingdom London 16,733 USD 18,898 USD

  19. Durham University United Kingdom Durham 19,554 USD 24,803 USD

  20. Cardiff University United Kingdom Cardiff 22,966 USD 22,966 USD

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