Studying in UK after the 11th grade

Studying in UK after the 11th grade

Getting a higher education document after graduating from one of the UK universities is every student's dream. After all, such a diploma is a priori the best evidence of a truly high-quality education and gives its holder a serious advantage in the struggle for a successful career. In addition, despite the rather high cost of studying at British universities, the number of which exceeds 300 educational institutions, the number of foreign students in educational institutions is growing from year to year.

Preparing for university entrance

The criteria for admitting international students to UK universities may differ depending on the country in which the secondary education document was obtained. For example, international schoolchildren, before entering a British higher education institution, must complete additional training that will allow them to adapt their education to international standards. The program is aimed at improving the language level, deepening knowledge and preparing for admission to the university chosen by the student. Next, we will talk in more detail about where is the best place to go for a student who has just finished 11th grade, what programs and prices.

Thus, the British education system provides several types of pre-university preparatory courses that help foreign students to successfully overcome the educational difference:

Foundation Program (University Foundation Certificate)

Traditionally, it is considered one of the most popular for pre-university training, since it is universal. Within the framework of the Foundation, the entire educational process is carried out on the territory of a college or institute. Thanks to this, foreign students are immersed in the academic environment, where they are directly acquainted with the methodology of teaching English and can adapt their knowledge to the desired format or acquire additional skills. The UFC course takes 1 year. If you want to get exactly on it, it is worth considering that the results of your exam and the test for proficiency in English will be taken into account here. We also draw your attention to the fact that the Basic Course may not be enough for admission to such well-known universities as Cambridge or Oxford. As a rule, in these universities, applicants need to take additional tests.

Level A

This program is today recognized as one of the most effective, and a number of educational institutions in England accept students only after completing this particular course, where training will take 2 years (abbreviated version - 1 year). Due to the availability of the express option, the program is ideal for pre-university preparation, say, for a student after grade 10, if the student graduated from school as an external student. Here young people will be engaged in in-depth study of up to six subjects.

International Baccalaureate Program

This course is one of the most optimal for foreign students, since its program is at a high level and is recognized in more than a hundred countries around the world. The duration of study is 2 years, during which young people study subjects on a general basis, in depth (2-3 disciplines) and several optional ones. You can join the program from the age of 16.

First year program

Such a program allows students from all over the world who graduated from grade 11 to immediately enter the first year of an English university. It is worth noting that the course is provided by only a few educational institutions in the UK and very well combines time saving for students with effective preparation.

Diploma Program 

This course was recently introduced and is a combination of the familiar Foundation program and the first year of the university undergraduate program. This program is suitable for applicants who already have a fairly in-depth knowledge of the main disciplines. Having a certificate for this course is equivalent to the initial stage of higher education.

For students from all over the world, higher education received in the UK provides a number of advantages - the prospect of building a successful career and competitiveness in the international labor market.

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